We are the Boy Scouts of St Marina, it is our official name. As such, we are not just a part of a 100 year old, Christian based, American Institution - the National Boy Scouts. But we are also an essential part of a 2000 year old, Christian based, ever-growing family. Therefore you can not be one and not the other with Troop 659.

    Everything we do, as a Boy Scout Charter, is deeply rooted in the values and tenets of the Coptic Orthodox Faith. In fact, we strongly feel this very statement was the very foundation of the Boy Scouts 100 years ago. The Boy Scouts Law reflects the very teaching of orthodoxy: “A scout is: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.” This law contains the same elements of what we teach our youth as deacons, as servants of the church and as members of the Coptic Orthodox faith.

Institutional Head 
Father Bishoy Kamel

BOR / Committee Chairman 
Wasseim Abdelmalek

Senior Assistant ScoutMaster
Ernest Raheb

Junior Assistant ScoutMaster 
John Gerges

Senior Patrol Leader 
Matt Gerges

Ass’t Senior Patrol Leader 
John Abdelmalek

Ass’t Senior Patrol Leader 
Brandon Shoudy

Patrol 1 Leader Joseph Gourgy
Ass’t Patrol Leader Youseff
Patrol 2 Leader Daniel Endraws
Ass’t Patrol 2 Leader David Gourgy

Board of Review Council
Wasseim Abdelmalek / Chairman
Andrew Soryal
Maggie Gourgy
Michael Morrow / Advisor
Ereeny Abdelmalek / Advancement
Maged Gourgy

Kerry Lampert / OC Council

What You Should Know About Us

What is the Boy Scouts of America?

    Boy Scouts of America is a mission driven organization to prepare young boys to be morally straight young men. Through a variety of activities that include camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities young boys are taught to “be prepared” for the unexpected. Often times, these young men learn skills they had never been exposed to before they joined.

    In addition, boys are taught leadership skills that can be applied in every aspect of their ever-growing life. St Marina is proud to offer this opportunity to its growing young men. Boys who are 12 years of age or in sixth grade are welcome to join. St Marina has open enrollment in September for the coming year.