It is often believed that becoming an Eagle Scout is hard. This is incorrect. It is not hard, it is actually a lot of fun - and a great adventure. But, what it does take is diligence, perseverance, organization, and desire. If you desire to have fun, then you can get there. If you know how to get organized, then you can get there. If you know how to follow up, to stay after something - then yes, you too can be an Eagle Scout.

Path to Eagle Scout

    This takes nothing more than a little memorization as well as a basic understanding of what the Boy Scouts is all about. There is an interview and then you are a scout.

First: Become a Scout

    This is the second rank in your path to Eagle Scout. It has some simple requirements that revolve around camping and knowing where you are.

Tenderfoot Requirements >>>

Second: Tenderfoot

    Actually, when you achieve many of the tenderfoot requirements, you can also fulfill many of the second class requirements. Simple items like planning and cooking a meal, doing some type of charitable service for the church and many more.

Second Class Requirements >>>

Third: Second Class

    Many of these requirements are based on knowing where you live, how to be involved in your community, and how you can make a difference. As well as basic life-saving techniques.

First Class Requirements >>>

Fourth: First Class

    This is the first of the ranks that requires a scout to complete a series of merit badges. In fact, you will need a minimum of Four Eagle Scout merit badges and Two non-Eagle Scout merit badges.

Star Requirements >>>

Fifth: Star Rank

    This too needs a minimum of Three more Eagle Scout merit badges and Two  more non-Eagle Scout merit badges. It also requires that a scout serve as a Star Rank scout for a minimum of six months and serve in a position of authority within the troop such as: patrol leader, senior patrol leader, junior assistant scoutmaster, etc....

Life Requirements >>>

Sixth: Life Rank

    To become an Eagle Scout requires a minimum of 21 merit badges, with 12 being very specific merit badges. Being Eagle Scout also has some very easy, but very important requirements.

Eagle Requirements >>>

Finally: Eagle Scout

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